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ICANN rolled out the new generic Top-Level Domain names (new domain name extensions) after it took notice of the scarcity of generic Top-Level Domain Names such as .com, .net and .Org. This shortage led people to start adding hyphens, dashes and other funny characters in a bid to get short domain names. The roll out of the new domain name extensions is particularly beneficial to startup founders as they avoid going through the hassle of finding the scarce .com domain names. They are in bountiful supply. Typical examples of new domain name extensions include .hospital, .doctor, .technology, .London, .nyc and so on. The advantages of these domain name extensions are outlined below:

You don’t have to go through a hassle if you intend to buy a domain name with the new extension

Let’s face it; you’re more likely to find your preferred .com domain name already taken when you go to search for it today. The new generic Top-Level Domains offer pretty good alternatives. They instantly identify your business to consumers. For instance, if you’re a doctor, it’s very easy for patients to find you if your website’s domain name has a .doctor extension.

New generic Top-Level Domains are relatively cheaper compared to when you buy a domain name with a .com extension

Unique .com extensions are insanely priced, especially if you’re a business or corporate. Corporates can pay from $7,500 to $200, 000 for a unique .com domain name compared to as low as $50 to $100 for a new generic Top-Level Domain. These new domains also offer you the opportunity to register domain name free, for example, .tk, and .cu.cc.

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New generic Top-Level domain name registration will not impact your search rankings or reputation

After the launch of the new domain name extensions, Google put out a statement explaining that it will not penalize anyone who transfers their domain to the new extensions or creates a new website with them. In fact, Google also ordered for a .how new generic Top-Level Domain.

Large organizations, celebrities, professionals and other figureheads have already adopted the new domain extensions

These days, it’s common to stumble across celebrity, company and professional websites with the new domain extensions. For example, General Motors has a website with a new extension (generalmotors.green).

If you buy a domain name with a new extension, you benefit from better branding and shorter URL

It’s a no-brainer that a shorter domain name increases the recall value of any website. Recall value is a critical aspect of increasing conversions. Return customers will not find trouble finding your site when they want to buy more products. A new generic Top-Level Domain like www.rainbow.pharmacy is very easy to remember, and the chance of a customer running into an error when typing it out in their browser is nil.

New generic Top-Level Domain name registration is advantageous for the future

Despite the fact that the new gTLD’s are new in the market, they are already causing ripples. Professionals, corporate and other large organizations are adopting them at a rapid pace. This rapid use of new gTLDs means that these kinds of domains will rule the future. This is the reason why it’s wise to invest in these new domains today.

Businesses are able to identify themselves with their cities, as they grow to conquer the international markets

The new domain name extensions have enabled businesses to identify themselves with their cities, as they seek to attain global outreach. For example, a business in London can use a domain name example, www.cutlery.london, to capture local customers, as it boosts its global appeal.


From the advantages highlighted above, it’s easy to see why the new generic Top-Level Domains will rule the world in the near future. As a business owner, you had better leverage this opportunity fast if you don’t want to be left out of the projected boom.Then do not wait any longer and start looking for the perfect domain name for your website.

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