If you want to buy a domain name that is perfect for your website or blog, you need to avoid these 5 common mistakes when buying a domain!


You have a great idea for a new online business? You are interested in establishing a new website, blog or ecommerce site? That’s great! Before you get into the online business world and start building your website, you need to buy a domain name first.


Buying a suitable domain name for your next online venture is really important. The domain is your online address, a place where your potential customers will get information about your business, and a place where your consumers will shop for your products.


Even though there are a lot of domain name registrars today, buying a domain name is not easy, especially if you are serious about your business and you want to get the perfect domain. The reason why so many people end up with the wrong domain is because they are doing these 5 common mistakes:



  1. Taking the domain name decision lightly – Buying a domain is a big deal. Don’t just buy the first domain that seems good. Take this decision seriously and invest time and effort until you find the perfect domain.
  2. Not pursuing your perfect domain if it is not available – You have a great idea for a domain but you found out that someone already registered it before you. Don’t lose hope and get in touch with the owner. You can try and convince the owner to sell you the domain.
  3. Not considering other options if your perfect domain is not available – Your perfect domain is taken and the owner doesn’t want to sell the domain? Don’t get discouraged! Use your creativity and consider other options. You may find better domains than your first choice.
  4. Using weak keywords for SEO due to poor keyword research – You must perform a keyword research if you want to find valuable terms you can use for your domain. It can be nice to rank to #1 in Google.
  5. Not getting memorable or catchy domains to use for promotions – Remember, the domain names should be catchy and memorable phrases that stick in people’s minds.


Avoiding these 5 common mistakes is the key to getting a perfect, professional, and powerful domain name!