The process of domain name registration is simpler than ever! If you register a domain for the first time, read this article and discover how long should you buy your domain name for!


As you probably know, registering a domain name costs almost nothing, but losing them may be expensive. The process of domain name registration will literally take you 5 minutes and it is no problem at all to buy and register a domain for 10 years, so why wouldn’t you save some time.

Losing control of your domain name can mean: losing access to your website, losing search engine placement, wasted time retrieving information for your registrar account, damage to your brand, losing access to email messages, and instant obsolescence of anything related to your domain name.

So, we are asking again – why would you registering a domain name for 5 or 10 years if you lose control over it?

There are different reasons why. There are registrants who have used personal email accounts whose passwords were lost or accounts that were abandoned. There are government departments that had been transformed and renamed in cabinet shuffles, there are registrants who had used email accounts tied to internet service providers or domains that had ceased operations, and etc.

In order to decide, how long you should buy your domain name for, we are going to present you the benefits of buying long-term and short-term domains.

The benefits of buying long-term domains:

  • You will save a few minutes each year when you don’t have to go through the process of domain name renewal.
  • You lock your domain name in, blocking competitors from buying it.
  • You can get a discount on the total price (this depends on the domain name registrar)

The benefits of buying short-term domains:

  • You will be perfectly positioned to use the downward-pressure on domain name pricing
  • You will remember who purchased what domain from what domain name registrar using exactly what email account
  • You will be more likely to identify the renewal messages from your domain name registrar, meaning your domain name will be safe from accidental expiry.

Now that you are familiar with the benefits of buying long-term and short-term domains, we have a few recommendations for you – register a domain name for 1 or 2 years and stay on top of them and choose a trusted and reliable web hosting company only.